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Women – The Divine Self….for Women, about being a Woman

The objective of my women’s groups is to bring women with like-minded needs and goals together to support and encourage one other. Women are an integral part of society and it is also to remind women of their importance and worth as women, within their communities, families and businesses.

It gives women the opportunity to inspire, uplift and empower not only themselves but the other women in the group by sharing their passions, experiences, knowledge and stories. It is a platform to acknowledge women for their strength and courage.

Women will get to meet and know some amazing and fabulous women and learn from each other. They will have the opportunity to influence and be influenced by other women from all walks of life.

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Who is Theresa Ackerman?

I am many things to many people but the essence of who I am is a teacher, healer and counsellor.

My journey and path to wellness began after I was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago. My interest in holistic living and healing came after my own recovery from breast cancer, turning to holistic and alternative therapies and treatments to support my body after chemotherapy. My own spiritual journey became one of self-discovery, whereby I started to look at my life and the choices I had made which had contributed to my illness.

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